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Guidelines for Prayer and Fasting 2022
Day 1  -  Seek God and His Will
Day  2  - Seek God and Have a Self-reflection
Day  3  - Seek God and Worship Him with All  Your Heart
Day  4  -  Worship God and Dwell in His Presence
Day  5  -  Worship God and Experience your Breakthrough
 Day 6 - Worship God and Receive Revelations
 Day 7  - Time to Evaluate Ourselves

I praise God for all of you who have decided to participate in our spiritual exercise in the area of prayer and fasting. This is a simple exercise of faith, nothing special, and nothing difficult. Those who did not join our prayer and fasting don’t worry because we will do it again sometime in the near future. We will be having some teachings on prayer and fasting so everyone will understand the importance and significance of doing a congregational focused and intentional prayer coupled with fasting.


To those who joined our prayer and fasting, for the past 6 days of more focused prayers and studying the Word of God coupled with fasting, I do believe that God has accomplished significant changes in your life spiritually. Let’s be honest to God and to ourselves by answering the following questions:

  •  How is your worship to God?

  •  How is your faith in the Lord? Did your faith grow stronger? Hebrews 11:6 says “Without faith it is              impossible to please God.” We are not just to believe in the existence of God but to trust Him in our            everyday life. Dwelling on doubts and confusion hinders worship.

  • How about your attitude, did it improve?

       Unforgiveness – Mt 6:14-15, Mt 5:23-24, Worship is not acceptable to God when there is unforgiveness in                 your heart. Forgive first before you worship.

·       Pride – James 4:6. God opposes the proud, how then can He accept their praise and worship. Humble                   yourselves before the Lord.

       Anxiety – Phil 4:4-7, Mt 6:34. Anxiety, fear, and worry will weigh us down. Cast it to the Lord, let Him bear               it. We are commanded not to worry but to rejoice in the Lord.

  • How close are you to the Lord? Have you been closer to Him than before Day 1 of our Prayer and                Fasting? Do you feel more joyful now in studying your Bible, attending your Life Group meetings,                  church service, and prayer meetings? James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.                Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

  • How about your food or diet? Well, it’s not about the food. It’s not about depriving ourselves from              certain food or from pleasures but it’s all about ourselves humbling down in worship before our Lord          God Almighty with the burning desire to be as close to Him as possible, seeking Him with all our                heart, and obeying His commands.


Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay connected! Stay strong in the faith!


Thank you and God bless to all!

Pastor Mar

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