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Media Team Rundown

Start up

1. Plug in the speakers and extension cords on the left and right side of the church. Left side will have 2 needed to plug in and right side only has 1


2. Turn on both desktop and laptop. Make sure the power strip below the laptop's desk is switched on.


3. Turn on the camera, there is a switch on top of the camera. Options are: Camera - Off - Media Switch it to Camera


4. On the laptop, turn on ATEM and make sure it is detecting the switcher. Next open OBS on laptop. The camera will most likely not appear on the screen. Pictures attached to show how to jiggle the camera settings on OBS attached. After the camera shows up, just make sure the audio is working.

Sound board set up step 4A
Sound board set up step 4b

5. For the desktop, open the sermon schedule for this Sunday. It will be on the Desktop as requested. Next, open OBS. I will attach a picture on how to get it to send the feed to the projector.

6. For the streams on the laptop, login to Facebook and Youtube. Press "go live" for both and change titles and thumbnails appropriately. On OBS, press "start streaming" and "start recording". Facebook will have a preview page so it will not go full live until you press to go live on the next screen. For youtube streaming, there is a .bat file in the video directory under quick access in windows explorer. Make sure the videos directory only has three items: "Captures" folder, a .bat file, and a .flv file. Make sure the .flv file is the current date. That means that the OBS is properly exporting the stream as a video to that directory. Run the .bat file until you see the dialogue screen has lines near the bottom indicating data being sent. Once that's ready, you can go live on youtube.

Sound board set up step 4c
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